The Surprising Truth about Pay Rise Pain

Are you worth what you are earning?

Are you unhappily comparing how much you are earn to others around you?

You work extremely hard, put in long hours and give over and above what is expected of you – yet, you feel undervalued because it is not reflected in your pay. And unfortunately, the disparity impacts certain groups in society, more than others, in particular women.

It’s Pay Rise Pain.

And most of us suffer in silence.

I recently worked with a client who struggled to value herself financially because time and time again she didn’t receive a pay rise that fairly reflected her capabilities. Even when she was promoted to a position with significant more responsibilities, including managing a team, she was paid less than market rate.

“Low financial worth” was rooted deep in her subconscious mind and she carried it throughout her career.

She came to me when she hit a cross roads in her career and was struggling to charge the market rate for her services. We uncovered and removed those subconscious beliefs, and consciously implanted her actual financial worth.  

Delighted – I received a call from her later in the day to say she successfully charged the market rate for her services without much difficulty!!

Pay Rise Pay – don’t neglect to work on your mindset, because it may be holding you back in ways you have long forgotten.

Start with Confidence, get Clarity and gain Control of your financial worth!

The investment you make in this area will literally pay you back!

If you are going for a job interview, looking for a promotion, discussing a pay rise or simply want to release any subconscious financial beliefs that you may hold about your financial wealth – then please feel free to message me for a free clarity call.