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I’m here to help you develop a fitter mind for a brighter life.

I'm Sukhi Byrne, a former commercial lawyer turned mind fitness coach, and founder of Dynamic Mind Growth.

I’m Sukhi Byrne, a former commercial lawyer turned mind fitness coach, and founder of Dynamic Mind Growth.
Having been on my own healing journey in recent years, I know first-hand just how feelings of unhappiness, inadequacy and disempowerment can prevent us from living our lives with energy and meaning – even if we are naturally curious, determined, and highly driven people.

By teaching myself how to improve my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing – and, of course, understanding how to be patient and kind with myself along the way – I learned how to overcome the thoughts, beliefs and patterns that were holding me back from reaching my fullest potential. Now, I want to help you achieve the same transformation.

If you know you want to change something and are ready to take action, I want to show you how to work with your Mind using science-backed techniques to improve your productivity, enhance your creativity and get you back on course to achieving your long-held goals and ambitions.


My Story

As a successful commercial lawyer on a career break, my life was turned upside down after a head injury I sustained in an accident.

Plunging into the depths of darkness and grappling with crippling anxiety, a loss of confidence, looping negative thoughts and depression, I reached crisis point and couldn’t handle it anymore.

Learning all I could about optimal brain health and mind fitness, I implemented tools and techniques to speed up my recovery and I soon regained my life and much more. I became happier and more resilient.

I was inspired to help people reclaim their lives and careers after falling out of sync with themselves, just as I had done.

I decided to abandon my work in the legal field to provide a one-of-a-kind support to driven individuals who are ready to take action to change their lives.


I can help you if:

  • You finally want to bring change into your life and are ready to take action
  • You are working hard to juggle all the demands placed on you
  • You are struggling to move forward in your life and progress in your career
  • You're finding it difficult to switch off from work
  • You're doubting and constantly questioning your abilities
  • You're watching others get ahead while you remain stuck and ignored
  • You know you are truly capable of much more, but feel there is something holding you back
  • You care going around in circles wondering whether you are on the right track at all
  • You want to enhance your motivation and productivity to get ahead
  • You want to be more focused and organised at work and in your life generally

Work with me...

One to One Coaching

It is possible to realign yourself with your true purpose. But first, you need to change your outlook. I offer courses of six or twelve powerful 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help you regain your focus and reclaim your vitality so you can accomplish your life and career goals with ease.

Audio Packages

I have developed a series of audio sessions that address common challenges. From boosting your confidence to getting a more restful sleep, these audio tools contain techniques to help you deal with a range of specific issues that could be stopping you from being the best version of ‘you’.